Code of Business Conduct

The Arran Isle Code of Business Conduct sets out the basic principles that should be applied by all employees everywhere that we do business, as a framework for how we should conduct business. Other Group polices support and expand on this. Our activities generate economic benefits and our conduct should be a source of positive influence for those whom our business impacts. We will pursue our business interests with integrity, respecting the different cultures and the dignity and rights of individuals in all countries in which we operate.

As set out clearly in the Bribery, Corruption, Fraud and Theft Policy Statement, Arran Isle has a zero tolerance approach to bribery, corruption, fraud, theft or similar illegal behaviour.  The Group strives to maintain the highest standards of governance, personal and corporate ethics, compliance with all laws and regulations, and values integrity and honesty in dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. Guidance is also given to employees on the necessity of declaring conflicts of interest and the acceptance of gifts and hospitality in the respective policy statements covering these areas.

Code of Business Conduct Policy Statement – 2022

Bribery Corruption Fraud and Theft Policy Statement – 2022

Conflicts of Interest and Related Parties Policy Statement – 2022

Gifts and Hospitality Policy Statement – 2022