Sam Nuckey, Managing Director of Window Ware

Sustaining a superior hardware supply through a pandemic

5th Nov 2020

For over 30 years, Window Ware has helped its customers grow their businesses and delight their own customers with a simple and reliable service and product offering. Here, Managing Director, Sam Nuckey explains why Window Ware's value in the supply chain will prove even more important in the future. Read more

Jennie James, Sarah Gyde and Strafford Cooke

A big anniversary year at Mila

9th Sep 2020

When it comes to anniversary years, they don’t come much bigger than 2020 for Mila. Not only is the company celebrating 40 years in the UK, a raft of key people from right across the business are celebrating milestone anniversaries as well. Read more

Talk is cheap

14th Feb 2020

Would you buy a car without asking to see proof of ownership or an MOT certificate? Presumably not, unless you’re particularly naïve or endearingly trusting. I think there are very few of us who would actually hand over thousands of pounds to a persuasive salesman without asking him to prove his claims, yet I see that happening all the time in the fenestration market as buyers take their suppliers’ word for it on all kinds of certification and accreditation. Read more