Arran Isle wins G21 Best Training Initiative Award

Arran Isle wins G21 Best Training Initiative Award

Sam with G21 award2
Sam Nuckey with G21 award

Arran Isle’s Horizon Development Programme was named Best Training Initiative at last month’s G21 Awards Presentation and Gala dinner at London’s Park Lane Hilton Hotel.  

The Horizon Development Programme (HDP) was born out of the Group’s strong commitment to invest in its people and create capable and effective managers who can lead their teams and their businesses to success.

That commitment never wavered despite a global pandemic. With HDP in full swing when the first lockdown hit, the course delivery was quickly adapted from boardroom-based to online learning, underpinned by remote mentoring and support. There was also the addition of bitesize refreshers to recap on the relevant tools and skills delegates needed to cope with the new demands on their businesses in the wake of COVID-19.

The positive effects of the Horizon Development Programme have been undeniable and have rippled out across all Arran Isle Group businesses. Managers are more focused and confident and better equipped to keep their teams empowered and cohesive.  Each business has arguably emerged from the pandemic stronger and Group earnings have increased by 19%.

Window Ware MD and Programme Leader, Sam Nuckey knew thatstrong, capable managers were key to keeping teams focused and driving group businesses forward, especially during challenging times like those experienced over the last 18 months. “When we designed the Programme, we knew it needed to be practical and centric to improving the confidence and skills of our first line managers to get the best from our teams.  When the pandemic hit, it was even more imperative that we adapted and continued to lead the training and development as the skills arguably became even more essential in our first line managers while they ran the day-to-day businesses under unprecedented challenges.  The delegates needed to tap into new skills and needed more mentoring than ever before!”

“All credit to my team, Louise Hemming and David MacKay, who supported the delivery of the programme and the mentoring that secured the award, as well as to the delegates for their solid determination and commitment to staying the course and achieving the programme goals despite significant hurdles. They should be hugely proud of themselves!”  

Martin Wardhaugh, Group Chief Executive for Arran Isle was keen to congratulate Sam on this well-deserved recognition of her outstanding leadership of the Horizon Development Programme. He was in no doubt, “it has helped develop key first line leaders across the Group – at Carlisle Brass Ltd, Window Ware, Mila UK and Mila Maintenance & Installation.”

Martin was also keen to praise Louise Hemming, lead trainer and support coordinator for helping to design the program and for providing “truly inspiring and authentic delivery to the delegates, who have all benefitted hugely from their participation.”

“Thanks also goes to David Mackay for his tireless support in organising and helping to deliver such as high-quality program,” added Martin.

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