Carlisle Brass: Foot Pull Case Study

Case Study: Foot Pull FPH1190


Carlisle Brass seek to engineer products to improve and add ease to our customers lives and wellbeing.

A development during 2020’s difficult Covid-19 pandemic.

Designed in effort to minimise the transference of Covid-19 and other germs on handles and doors to aid protection for each every one of us, helping to reduce the spread of infections.

This foot pull can significantly reduce and the spread of germs in toilets and other busy environments.

Easy to use placing foot on top and pulling.

Merchant Channel Head, Carl Smith said:

“The foot-pull was designed and manufactured in double quick time in reaction to the pandemic and as we come out of these grim times public perception on the importance of handwashing and hygiene will remain strong.

We are confident this product will become one of our bestselling lines from our Eurospec commercial brand as hygiene will be high on the priority lists of architects and specifiers moving forward.”

The stainless-steel pull is to be mounted on the bottom of the door, the door can be opened using the foot to pull it, resulting in the user not having to ever touch the door or handle.

Pull is supplied complete with fixings and an awareness sticker for the door.

foot pull drawing

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