The Brass Awards

We held our 2nd annual Carlisle Brass awards, 17th December 2020. It was slightly different to our first year but no less fun and definitely no less festive, with Santa making an appearance.

We held our 2nd annual Carlisle Brass awards, 17th December 2020. It was slightly different to our first year but no less fun and definitely no less festive, with Santa making an appearance.

Our Managing Director, Angus Grant with the help of our Marketing and IT teams put on a memorable show to celebrate the fantastic team we have here at Carlisle Brass.

Seven awards were on offer this year: Above & Beyond, Special Achievement, Ultimate Team Player, Role Model, Positivity, Department of the Year, and this year’s special inclusion, Covid Hero. All voted by the team for the team.

Held via our internal Teams software you could have been forgiven for mistaking this for the Oscars. Senior Management each played a part with videoed contributions to introduce our deserved winners highlighting some of the kind words said by their peers. Mark Burke’s tinsel, Christmas jumper, and festive background a particular highlight.

Angus said: “What a superb morning we had! I absolutely love being able to show my appreciation to our fantastic team here at Carlisle Brass. They have all worked so hard in such a difficult year and deserve the recognition they have received.

We had so many nominations for each of the awards this year, with so many kind comments. Something we will be looking to push out so each and every one of our team can hear some of the wonderful words about they work they do.”

Our Awards Winners

Our Award Winners
The Christmas Winners awards picture from Left – Right: Josh Bell – Above & Beyond, Toria Bell – Role Model, Kiana Camm – Raffle Prize Winner, Sarah ‘Santa’ Morning – Raffle Prize Winner, Anthony Coey – Ultimate Team Player and Joanne Ballantyne – Raffle Prize Winner.

Above and Beyond: Josh Bell – A young man with a big heart, and a never say no attitude. Supporting all the staff during a difficult time keeping everyone connected and working.

Special Achievement: Paul McConnell – A tireless worker helping integrate Eurolite into Carlisle Brass during the difficult situation we’ve been in all whilst becoming a father.

Ultimate Team Player: Chris Hewison & Anthony Coey – Unable to separate these two, showing what a team, they are. Both keeping the warehouse ticking over and performing exceptionally throughout a difficult period.

Role Model: Victoria Bell – A true role model in not just her own department, but the whole business. Always a professional attitude, supporting colleagues and hard working.

Positivity: Rachel Tweddle – “She’s just always so happy, helpful and positive”. Was one of the comments, and after that how could anyone else receive the award? After all the issues the business and we have all felt personally, Rachel has always maintained a positive attitude and passed that onto her team.

Department: IT – Without the IT crowd it isn’t worth thinking about how much more difficult this year would have been. The work IT has done has enabled the business to keep working and keep in contact throughout. Whether staff have had to work from home or work safely in the office, this wouldn’t have been possibly without Sean and his fantastic team.

Covid Hero: Darren Charlton – An award going to an outstanding member of the Brass team who helped the community from the off. Supporting the elderly and those at risk with the essentials and shopping they needed to get through uncertain times. Delivering to those who needed it and ensuring people were safe and had company. A real hero.

Angus finished with: “We already have an eye on next year’s awards, whether that be a party or once again, virtually. Whatever it might be, we will look to make it as enjoyable as possible for our team to help show our gratitude for their great work.” During the Carlisle Brass Awards day, the Brass team wore their festive jumpers and outfits to help raise £380 for each of the charities Cash 4 Kids, Carlisle Youth Zone and Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw.

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