Ian Tisdale, Ben Collins, Julian Newman

Top Brass!

26th Nov 2020

The Carlisle Brass team joined in with the latest round of celebrations of GAI Awards, albeit a little different to last year’s, with seven members of the team passing their respective GAI exams. Alice Keenan, Brad Kitson, Rodney Hornsveld and Carl Smith have all passed their Stage One exams along with Jo Storey, Ben Hume and Jamie Henry passing their Stage Two. Read more

Sam Nuckey, Managing Director of Window Ware

Sustaining a superior hardware supply through a pandemic

5th Nov 2020

For over 30 years, Window Ware has helped its customers grow their businesses and delight their own customers with a simple and reliable service and product offering. Here, Managing Director, Sam Nuckey explains why Window Ware's value in the supply chain will prove even more important in the future. Read more