Pushing the envelope of patio doors

Now KÖMMERLING fabricators really can deliver the ultimate energy efficient ‘Grand Designs’ scale sliding doors that everybody wants WITHOUT compromising on usability or performance thanks to new Glide Hardware – available exclusively from Window Ware.

Sliding patio doors are becoming wider and heavier as more and more consumers demand uninterrupted panoramic views. And despite the upscale trend, these bigger and ultimately weightier sashes will still be expected to run smoothly and operate effortlessly. It’s a big ask, but now PremiLine fabricators can make these future-ready sliding patio doors a reality with Glide Hardware!

Higher load rating

Glide hardware delivers the most advanced patio door roller system available on the market today. A patented, one-of-a-kind self-levelling system ensures even weight distribution across all three or five wheels. This not only delivers smoother running and greater tolerances compared to standard rollers systems (that means fewer call backs and happier customers), it also gives the rollers their impressive loadbearing capabilities up to 220KG – ample muscle if you have to use 6.8mm laminated glass to meet SBD requirements or if triple glazing becomes the future standard. In addition, custom-engineered polymer wheels and precision ground bearings make for quiet, effortless operation and increased durability.

Gently does it

Say goodbye to slamming patio doors and trapped fingers with Glide Hardware’s unique soft break device. It can be fitted at both ends of travel on the sliding door to offer safe, quiet, controlled opening as well closing for a premium feel and top-quality finish.

Sleek, secure and accessible

The concealed Glide Hardware door handle tested to PAS 24 as part of a door set. It works with a locking mechanism to provide secure locking between the sliding sash and the fixed pane. The handle is completely flush when not in use but pops out ready for action at the press of a button. Just like a standard handle, it’s located centrally on the sash. That makes it much more accessible and easier on the eye compared to unsightly plunge bolts which are usually hard to reach at the top and bottom of the door. The result is an elegant patio door handle that not only helps fabricators meet Document Q of the Building Regulations but also the Lifetime Homes standard too.

Window Ware’s Business Development Manager, Karl Williamson can see the huge potential this new range offers KÖMMERLING’s PremiLine fabricators. “Glide Hardware is bang on the money in terms of delivering innovative, future-proof functionality that will help door manufacturers deliver what the market wants today, as well as tomorrow.”

Glide Hardware is fully tested and endorsed by KÖMMERLING to guarantee complete compatibility with their PremiLine sliding door assemblies and is available to order now from Window Ware – KÖMMERLING’s newly-appointed approved hardware distribution partner.

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