Time to celebrate – Window Ware turns 30!

Window Ware turns 30! But there'll be no birthday bragging for this leading fenestration hardware distributor. We’d rather leave our customers and suppliers to get nostalgic and tell you why they have chosen to stick with Window Ware over the years.


Window Ware didn’t want its 30th anniversary announcement to follow the usual format – with a brief history lesson and the story of its evolution. No – we wanted to try a different tack and let our valued customers and suppliers do the talking instead. It’s no surprise, we want to do things a little differently. As the creator of the first e-commerce website for fabricators, the company has never followed the crowd. What’s more, we’ve always been great believers in ‘listening’ rather than ‘telling’ and keeping our ears to the ground – it’s proven to be a successful approach in meeting customer needs and predicting market trends – so why change now?

That’s not to say that we aren’t tremendously proud of our staying power and 30-year heritage, particularly in a turbulent, changeable market like the fenestration industry. Those three decades have armed us with invaluable experience, practical technical knowledge, a comprehensive product range and refined service to help us delight our customers and build positive relationships with our brand partners today. But we think they can tell you in their own words far more candidly than we ever could about why they choose Window Ware and what it is that keeps them coming back.

What our customers say…

“We can still count on Window Ware to deliver cracking service, competitive prices, and have the leading brands we like…”

Scott Law – Managing Director at Express Trade Frames Ltd

Window Ware holds a coveted claim to fame with Fleetwood-based, Yale-approved fabricator, Express Trade Frames. According to Managing Director, Scott Law, we were the payee of the first business cheque he ever signed back in 1999 when the company started! But that’s not where the relationship began. Scott told us, “Before setting up my own business, I’d worked for other companies who had relied on Window Ware for their hardware needs. It made sense to stick with a trusted supplier when I decide to go it alone. To this day, we can still count on Window Ware to deliver cracking service, competitive prices, and have the leading brands we like in stock and ready for shipping without fail.”

“…for us, quality is key. Window Ware shares this ethos”

Lee Matassa – Purchasing Manager at Thermaseal Window Systems Ltd

Window Ware isn’t alone in its milestone celebration. Regular customer and leading supplier of high-quality doors and windows, Thermaseal are also celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. A fellow stalwart of the fenestration market, this long-established family business is still run by its founder Graham Jerwood. Long service is the norm, however, for this happy, committed team. Works Manager, Dave Turner has been with Thermaseal for a quarter of a century, while Lee Matassa, Purchasing Manager has spent the last 22 years there! Lee told us, “We started buying from Window Ware around 10 years ago because we were impressed by their overall product offering and service. We aim to provide our customers with a superior product at a competitive price, so for us, quality is key. Window Ware shares this ethos and we find it far better to work with a company that has similar values. The people are another clincher! We have a great relationship with Window Ware’s Commercial Director, Richard Bryant. What’s more, the sales team are always friendly, personable and knowledgeable, and on the rare occasion there’s a problem with an order, they will go out of their way to put things right!”

What our brand partners say…

“…top-level performance to fulfil our customers’ needs.”

Kevin Whiting – Managing Director at MACO UK”

When asked if I could contribute a few words towards Window Ware’s 30th year celebrations, it was an easy request to accept. MACO prides itself on partnering with like-minded companies who are as genuinely committed to attaining high standards as we are – both within the company itself and outside in the wider industry. Like us, they believe in strong values and continuous development of staff to achieve such goals. Relying on another company to uphold your brand alongside theirs in the market can be a risky business. Not so with Window Ware! In the many years since our strong relationship started, Window Ware has managed to build and maintain their own distinct identity whilst staying true to the MACO ideal and delivering top-level performance to fulfil our customers’ needs. Thanks to excellent levels of technical and sales support, as well as reliable stock holding, Window Ware can maintain the exceptionally high service standards that we all value and strive for. It is these high-performing service levels which distinguish Window Ware in the fenestration market. Thirty years in the making and the new team is more passionate about the business than ever! Congratulations to everyone involved.”

“We are confident our products are in capable hands, now and in the future”

Tony Chadwick – Group Managing Director at Trojan Manufacturing Group Ltd.

Tony Chadwick, Group Managing Director of Trojan Manufacturing Group Ltd told us, “Window Ware has been a major distributor and valued partner for the Trojan Group for more than 10 years. During that time, we’ve worked closely together to build trust, encourage communication and achieve effective teamwork, which has resulted in excellent growth for both businesses. Trojan is pleased to be part of Window Ware’s success so far and look forward to many more years of successful partnership. We are confident our products are in capable hands, now and in the future, thanks to their excellent “direct to market” expertise which is recognised by fabricators and installers as being unique in the UK market.”

“With a solid reputation as a respected distributor, our decision to work with Window Ware was a no-brainer!”

Paul Atkinson – Sales & Commercial Director at Yale Door and Window Solutions.

Paul Atkinson, Yale’s Sales and Commercial Director explained, “The origin of the Yale / Window Ware relationship is living proof of the power customers command! Our partnership came about many years ago when a large fabricator wanted Lockmaster products but would only deal with Window Ware as their preferred source. With a solid reputation as a respected distributor, our decision to work with Window Ware was a no-brainer! Turns out our judgement was sound, as our relationship continues to be valuable, effective and mutually beneficial to both organisations. What’s more, these benefits infiltrate all areas of both businesses to make working together a pleasure for everyone involved. For Yale, relationship is everything – that applies not just to our direct relationship with Window Ware as a supplier, but also to the relationships they work hard to build with customers which help to strengthen the overall Yale value proposition. For this reason, we are confident Window Ware is well-placed to help us achieve organic business growth in the future, powered by first-rate service, top-quality stock, proven expertise and positive relationships.”

Time to take stock & offer thanks

Companies are often too preoccupied with the daily churn to find time to review and take stock. Milestone anniversaries like this offer the ideal opportunity to affirm with customers and suppliers what you think you know about your strengths and weakness as a company. Window Ware is truly honoured that its network of colleagues, customers and partners have so many positive things to say about us. In response to their amazing feedback, we promise to continually strive for excellence and push for improvement wherever possible. As a small gesture of thanks, we’re running a special golden key event. Customers and partners should look out for lucky golden keys randomly included in any deliveries & letters sent out from Window Ware during the whole of July. These keys unlock all kinds of birthday treats!

Why not visit our 30th anniversary webpage where you can read more testimonials from customers, brand partners and Window Ware co-workers, plus you’ll see what else we’re doing to mark our landmark birthday.

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