Vision - To be ranked #1 by customers for service and innovation

We will grow the Group by providing our customers with innovative branded building products that are delivered when the customer wants them. We will achieve this by having strong teams with expert market knowledge, coupled with our significant design, global sourcing and logistic capabilities.


Our Financial Standing

  • W#1

    Market Position

    No. 1 Market Position

    Typically we rank #1 or #2 in each geographic market that we serve and have the structure and scale to provide our customers with the benefits of our global sourcing and logistic capabilities.

  • W7%

    Earnings Growth

    +7% Year on Year Earnings Growth

    In 2018, the Group’s underlying EBITDA before central corporate costs, grew 7% from the previous year.

  • W£10.0m

    Closing Net Funds

    Closing Net Funds

    The sale of LaSalle Bristol in 2018 transformed the funding position of the Group, which ended the year with closing net funds of £10.0m (2017: £18.9m net debt). The total amount undrawn on all bank facilities at the end of 2018 was £25.0m (2017: £17.3m)

Our Global Operations Map

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