Our Values

We have four key values which we hope you will see in all our employees, namely:

Beckylou Martin Mila Telesales


We value long productive business relationships. Integrity and mutual trust are essential. We expect that everyone in the Group will “tell it as it is” and we set and expect high standards.


We work continually to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors. We insist that all our products fully adhere to the relevant regulatory standards.

Lead Change

We challenge our employees to develop new products and to create innovative ways of providing a better service to our customers. We will reconfigure our businesses to meet the changing needs of our customers and emerging market trends. We have the resilience and drive to see through on our commitments to customers.


We aim to have and develop the best teams in the industry in every country we operate in. All our businesses are led by customer focused leaders who understand what customers require and look to play a part in shaping market trends. We prefer to fill positions by internal promotion.